Connect sclera

Plug the sclera hardware and connect to
the network.

Step 1

sclera creates an adaptive IoT overlay

Sclera delivers real-time visibility into the status of your most
critical hardware.

Step 2

Actionable Data at Every Level

Empower on-site teams with real-time visibility

Step 3

Plug 'N Play
Power up the sclera device delivered to your property. Connect your network manually to the host port located on the sclera device.
Configure your device
A pop-up configuration page will appear on the touchscreen after the connection. You can enter your network details in the fields displayed on the screen and save them. After configuring your device, you can add in your required networks.
Unlock a world full of possibilities
Upon successfully configuring your device, unleash the magic of sclera with a click of a button.