• An eye for all your properties

  • Easy-to-use interface to manage your network

  • Endless possibilities for the modern era

  • From a room to an entire building, Sclera has got you all covered 

One-stop destination for all your networking needs

Sclera Vendor Device Management System makes it easy to access and control your networks from the tip of your fingers. You can view a list of online devices, offline devices, sensors, perform speed tests on all your networks and much more.

Who we are

A group of passionate individuals bringing innovation closer to technology.

What we do

We bridge the gap between customers and vendors with the utmost flexibility.

How we do it

We create effective solutions by user research along with tried and tested methods.

Get customized alerts from Sensors

Sclera VDMS is integrated with LoRaWAN, BACnet and many other protocols to provide you an all-in-one solution for monitoring.

Troubleshoot your device anytime, anywhere

The vendors can remotely access your device securely and fix the issues without having to travel to the property site.

Get access to a wide range of Network Tools

The vendors can use several network tools like Ping, Port Scan and Port Monitor to diagnose the issue remotely.

Connect with vendors around the globe

Get in touch with vendors of your choice for all your system types.

Get Instant Alerts 

Get notified when a device goes offline along with its location and the contact details of the corresponding vendor.

 Boost Your Business  

Get advanced reports of all your 

activities along with device usage statistics to effectively manage your business.

Take Control of Your Property

Selectively monitor all your devices based on its building, floor or location and equip your rooms well in advance.