Asset Management

sclera's adaptive IoT overlay is the only portfolio-level solution with universal protocol integration to allow you to monitor all of your assets. Our powerful network monitoring software is designed for Property Owners, Vendors, System Integrators, Security Professionals and MSPs located all over the world.

Scaled Cybersecurity

98% of IoT data is unencrypted. With remote access authorization, sclera provides supplemental security to all of your assets.

Increased Occupant Experience

Tenants and guests expect more from their spaces than ever before. Sclera's universal protocol identification allows teams to create the best experience for their occupants.

Maximize Vendor ROI

Sclera's vendor report card gives you a real-time pulse on the performance of your technology partners.
Our Features

Vendor Accountability

Get in touch with your vendors.

Device Monitoring

Discover and monitor your assets based on location allowing a comprehensive view of you property.

High Adaptibility

sclera's dynamic nature makes it easier for your asset to adapt to its environment.

Real-Time Customised Alerts

Receive customized alerts from every asset in your network round the clock.

Secure Remote Access

Vendors can diagnose and troubleshoot your assets remotely in a secure manner. Anytime, anywhere.

Network Tools

Explore a variety of network tools that help diagnose problems more efficiently.

A Unified Solution

IoT Asset Visibility

Where data meets decision making

Sclera's universal protocol integration brings all your assets together for the first time. While other systems crumble under the pressure, sclera is designed to adapt to a building’s ever-changing infrastructure.



The Problem: Disparate Solutions

Buildings today are powered by a collection of disjointed solutions

Increased security risk

Reduced vendor ROI

Suboptimal occupant experience

Superficial insights

The adaptive IoT overlay gives teams.

Automated asset discovery

Remote access authorization

Vendor report card

Integrated analytics module